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Saturday, November 21, 2009

day 99 blog 88 "ma-muh, da-da?" "kee-kee mumgees"

two more photos from hawaii...story asleep on my shoulder...i wanted to post photos of him hugging sea's favorite little white tiger, "goggin"...even offering her his milkies (sea's word...he calls them "mumgees") or lately he has been trying to offer her (or any other baby or animal) my mumgees...i remember sea doing both of these things...tonight's post is about the biggest news in our family...story is now saying two word sentences....the post title is two of them...yesterday he asked me where "da-da" was and tonight he would not fall asleep for 2 hours presumably because he is so excited to be vocalizing more...so he just kept giving that little tiger more of his mommy's milkies and saying "kee-kee mumgees" (kitty milkies)...they are growing up so fast i thought it was appropriate to get a close up photo and then a "bigger picture" photo to both focus on the details and take a step back to soak it all in...slow down little ones...

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