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Saturday, November 28, 2009

day 106 blog 96 meaningful posts

i don't even have 5 minutes for today's post...still at my in-laws and chasing wee ones who are nearly ready for bed...feeling pressure to have a "meaningful post" i realized this is the perfect opportunity to link to other bloggers i enjoy who do often write very meaningful posts...here are two...i'll give my commentary when i have more than 5 minutes but wanted to leave you with something:

1) lindsey at a design so vast


2) heather at the extraordinary ordinary

check them out...read several posts back...


  1. Thanks for giving me some new great reads... hope you are having a wonderful time!


  2. I didn't see this!
    Thank you!
    I adore Heather as well.
    So glad to have found you.

  3. oh this is one more post i have to get to...the details of why i adore your blog...soon...i'll drop you a line when i write it...


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