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Monday, August 31, 2009

day 18 blog 19 my tree

my friend (and neighbor) julie has an (sorry i can't get this first part to not be underlined...click on the "awesome blog" part to get to her blog) awesome blog that has a lot of photography, art, creative ideas, as well as online classes...in fact, if i hadn't been at the beach all weekend (and barely uploaded a few videos for my own blog) i might have read up on her art journaling workshop and promoted it in time for the give away...oh well, she has future classes you can sign up for that sound very inspiring...

i've been meaning to do a blog on "my tree" which i discussed in an earlier post but have been obsessing over what tree to photograph...finally i decided to look out the window in our front room and go with the picturesque olive tree. i won't over-analyze why...i did have an olive tree in our side yard growing up...so here are a few photos along with brief commentary...i tried to get my children in some of them so i can watch them grow as i do this assignment, too...

this first photo was taken almost a year ago when we first did a walk through of the house (before we made an offer on it)...i like that the open door invites you in and the olive tree is the first thing that you notice...my son, story, was barely crawling and only 6 months old in the foreground:
this photo was taken today from inside the house...i liked that the children were hugging and you can see a trike just outside the window:

this shot is similar to the one taken before we put an offer on the house only you can see the hardwood floors that were underneath...again, shows you how we have a view of this tree through the window:

i took this shot so you could see the bones or trunk of the tree...on a clear day we can see the ocean between those two hills...sun is setting behind the tree:

if i'm only allowed one "tree" shot, this would be the one...this time we are facing east, view of the entire tree, yes, i did try to get my shadow in there, too:

finally, here is a close up of leaves and an olive with my son swinging in the tree:
thanks julie for a fun assignment! looking forward to seeing everyone's trees and shooting this one again later...now go check out her blog!


  1. Happy you joined us, Denise! I love the looking east shot too...so pretty!!

  2. Nice photos Denise! I think I like the last one best, with you son swinging in the tree!

  3. Just a reminder that the Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection is up for an update next week. Try to make a post with both your original tree photo and your new tree photo and leave me a comment so I can update the links. Hope to see you then!


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