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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

day 88 blog 76 handmade children's xmas card swap

ok someone motivate me to do this: basically you create 10 xmas cards with your kids and mail them off to other kids around the world and then get 10 handmade cards from other kids around the world back! you can include info about how you celebrate the holidays, your family, photos, etc....so need to make it so personal and learn about different people! i really want to do it but have to be sure that i follow-through...i got the idea from a blogger i just started following, megan at penny carnival...she also has a 4-year-old (i think they were born the same month) and a 2-year-old (story will be 2 in february) and in to a lot of the same things that i am...she loves writing (only she makes money doing it)...gardening, crafts, avoiding over-consumption, being a mom, time with family, cooking...so i'm looking forward to "following" her...

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  1. Cant wait to check her out...isnt finding new blogs that you love like one of the best treats???? :)

    Have a blessed day sweety!


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