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Monday, March 24, 2008

easter story

i couldn't help myself with the pun in the title...of course sea was very much involved in this easter (the first year she was super in to it...cherishing her role as the easter bunny and passing out some eggs but mainly eating chocolate as quickly as she could open the eggs...this was more fun than the hunt and supports manuel's opinion i should go with "moderation" instead of no sugar...)

we had a bbq and easter egg hunt at lisa's mom's house right across from the beach...gorgeous sunny and borderline hot day...benjamin and calvin were there as well.

i think the photos actually say more than anything i'm able to express so i'll end on that note...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

little green froggy

it is easter sunday and i was going to post an easter blog but figure i will wait until tonight after i have some cute photos of sea with an easter basket...

so then i started free associating about easter...holidays were never that big of a deal in our home growing up and i always wanted to wake up to a fun easter basket or hunt for eggs or at least paint them...so i'm going to try and do these things for our children...it seems so odd typing "children"! still getting used to having two...

so then i was also thinking back to easter 2006...nearly the last holiday spent with my dad...we went to lisa's mom's house and had a great brunch and egg hunt. the main thing i remember though is my dad sitting in one of their high backed chairs with his little green stuffed froggy in his shirt pocket waiting for sea to pluck it out...oh great...now i'm crying...so i guess i'll post more later...

birth announcement e-mail

i just read about making a blog into a coffee table book so i thought i'd include the e-mail i sent out to announce story's arrival...it was sent march 3 along with the photos from the previous post and read "the baby arrived...it's a..." in the subject line:





weight: 9 lbs 3 oz

length: 21 inches

birth details
many of you know that for weeks denise had been predicting this baby would arrive any day…on wednesday morning around 6 she woke up to painful contractions and so she decided against “laboring mostly at home”…we ate, fed sea, said farewell, grabbed our bags and headed for the hospital

we checked in after 8 and determined she was dilated 8 cm! denise's hopes for a natural birth came true…after 20 minutes of pushing story arrived…daddy cut the cord and we held and bonded with him the first couple of hours. he latched on immediately and has been a fantastic eater ever since

other than initial low blood sugar due to his large size, he is in great health…we came home friday afternoon

baby details
sea predicted she would have a baby brother…with orange hair (close) and blue eyes (probably not)…
• story has strawberry blonde hair (a little darker than sea’s) that may have a little curl in it
• his eyes are currently a dark grayish green that will probably turn to brown?
• his skin color is about the same fairness as sea’s
• for the most part he has manuel’s facial structure (eye shape, nose, lips, face shape) he looks like his sister when she was a newborn
• he has really long fingers and toes
• I’m going to say “too soon to tell” for temperament although when he is awake he is very observant, alert, looking around a lot, engaging…he moved more than sea in utero so we’ll see…

life as a family of four
sea’s first response upon meeting story was to kiss him…she then promptly hit him on the head…when she got home that night she told her daddy “sea no want baby brother to go to sea’s house…he go to other people’s houses”…she cried when he came home…but other than that the transition has gone more smoothly than we could have hoped. she is sharing her “milkies” quite well and we are all able to sleep together although we’ll need a bigger bed.

we are still a little in shock that we have a new baby and our lives have already changed so much. we feel very blessed and are looking forward to the story of our lives…

love, story, sea, denise and m

Friday, March 14, 2008

the birth of my son

my son story's birth
9 lbs 3 oz
21 inches long
strawberry blonde hair/greenish gray eyes
natural birth
full birth story to follow...for now...photos:

last (?) pregnancy photo

ok...so this very similar photo was taken 10 days after the previous post and about 24 hours before our little son arrived...my husband and i are already discussing whether we will have a third child or not (most likely not) so i wanted one last moment of being "pregnant" before posting all about the birth of our son and life as a family of four...