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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

day 82 blog 69 family drawings

sea made this top drawing of herself after i posted...the yellow circle is her face, two legs on the bottom (or maybe that is her neck?) yellow arms, hands and fingers...it was cute with her yellow eyes, nose, mouth and now teeth (like a monster or jack-o-lantern)...you can see the two cheeks and my favorite part is the rainbow spiked hair...but then she had to go further out of the box and add "fire" coming out of her mouth...she added a blue line that was "water to put out the fire" when i protested i didn't want fire on her drawings...she was practicing letters where you see i R i M (she said she was writing the name of who it was for but didn't say who that was) and then i had her write her name underneath...she forgot how to do "s's" and the "E" and "a" are still backwards...maybe because she is left handed? i really don't want to micro-manage her art or be too judgmental as i feel that is one of the reasons i didn't take more risks or create more art in my childhood...fear of doing it "wrong" or not good enough...she doesn't seem to have any hesitancies (is that a word? my spell check doesn't think so) about drawing whatever she is feeling...
sea drew this picture of our family right before we left on our trip...she is the first one, pink, story the little green one (he also has pig tails like her), daddy is next and then mommy...i don't even wear earrings but she is noticing these on people...sometimes she draws little round circles for cheeks and most recently she is adding belly buttons and hands with fingers...i wanted to focus on her art or really anything positive in my life because i tend to get so self-absorbed "poor me" that i forget the important things. in general i am really quite optimistic and do notice the good more than the bad, so i want to remind myself of these things when i get in a funk...anyway, here are a few of the drawings of our family sea has done in the last few months (they are framed with frames from ikea in her room)
this was the first "family" drawing i can remember...just before her 4th birthday...she made this the end of june...if you look closely you can see we are all wearing glasses (i guess some were sunglasses since only manuel and my mom wear regular glasses)
this was one of her family drawings from the first of october that included her name (updside down "s" in the middle, upside down and backwards "E" in the bottom corner and lower case "a" above that)...she added hair, too...
back to an overview of our family (the first drawing in this blog)...i love that she initiates art and will grab paper, journals, whatever and draw whenever...more to come!


  1. Love the work...love the stories behind it!


  2. Cute. It's great that you encourage and display their work.

  3. It's really important for kids to draw. It really helps them figure out the world around them - as you can see she's using earrings and glasses on people who don't wear them. It's really interesting to see these things in kids. Thanks so much!


  4. I took my kids there many years ago. The best children's museum ever. My kids loved the bubbles and painting the old pick-up truck.


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