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Monday, November 9, 2009

day 87 blog 74 potty

too many heavy topics mostly about loss on my mind...so i'm going to post something short, simple, kinda sweet...

nowhere near potty training story but tonight he was pointing to the potty and saying "poo-poo" so i let him sit on it for awhile...not this baby bjorn one i like better, but one that has a little cup you empty out...he wouldn't get off it for the longest time so i turned my back...a little too long...next thing i know he was dipping the potty cup into the toilet and getting ready to drink it...disgusting, hilarious and good at quickly reversing my mopey mood!

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  1. My sister's middle child loves the toilet water. If she's missing chances are she's playing in the toilet LOL Kids! You just never know. :) I'm glad he brightened your mood.


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