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Saturday, November 7, 2009

day 85 blog 72 full weekend with friends

tonight would be one of the nights i would skip if i wasn't trying to be part of nablopomo...the load of doing daily routines with the kids is so much harder without manuel giving me a break...this photo of sea and her good friend ruh was taken when i hosted preschool wednesday...then we went with her and her mom char and younger sister sachi to the children's museum thursday. friday we met up with them and another mom from preschool, sarah with her two boys calvin and desmond...picnic and playtime in the park. i had the bright idea of taking the kids out for "cupcakes" at an upscale dessert place in town...very kid unfriendly...so we ate half the meal and took the dessert to go...today i lead out in sabbath school, sea wanted to stay for church after collecting the offering and the children's story...off to a fall festival at the waldorf school (more on this school later...i took sea to a mommy and me preschool there when she was 2 or so)...and then barely had time to head out to coronado for another preschool mommy, lisa f's daughter garland's 1st birthday party. we just got home and took a family bath. i'm beat and ready to go to bed with the children...and then we have two more birthday parties we are attending tomorrow!

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