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Monday, May 23, 2011

10 ways to confuse a child (from another blog)

i found this posted by a mom on one of my natural parenting sites from DemandEUPHORIA.blogspot.com

Ten Ways To Confuse a Child

  1. If he's yelling, yell at him: STOP YELLING! IT'S NOT NICE TO YELL.
  2. Tell him never to talk to strangers because it's dangerous, but then tell him he is rude when he won't say hello back to the cashier at the grocery store.
  3. Tell him he should never let anyone touch him if he doesn't feel comfortable, but then don't intervene when his aunt, who he sees once a year, hugs him against his will.
  4. Tell him you can't afford to buy him the one-dollar candy bar he wants, as you are buying yourself a five-dollar cup of coffee.
  5. Tell him he has to share his favorite toy with his sister, but then later when he wants to play with your iPhone, don't let him.
  6. If he has just hit his sister, tell him it's not nice to hit someone, then grab him and hit him.
  7. Tell him he's not allowed to quit doing that thing he hates, because it's important to be persistent and determined, but then tell him to quit asking for that thing he wants because it's annoying how persistent he is.
  8. Tell him not to eat now (when he's hungry) because if he does, he won't be hungry later (when the clock says it's time for dinner).
  9. Tell him you can't do that thing he wants you to do for him because you are in the middle of writing an email, but then get really upset when he tells you he can't do something for you because he's in the middle of playing a video game.
  10. Explain how important it is to be honest, and then freak out when he tells you the truth about something he did and punish him for doing that thing. And then later, lie to him about something really important."
i don't have time to write my comments but this is a great perspective on its own...off to bed!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

sea's book about auntie bree and uncle matthew

wow...almost 2 weeks since i last wrote...i guess i do need to challenge myself to something daily or write several posts at a time or something to keep active...don't even have the time/energy to go into why i haven't been on here...been sick over a week...blogger was down two days ago...drama with friends...anyway, manuel's brother matt and his fiance sabrina are visiting this weekend and sea made them this adorable book...literally in a few minutes as we were gathering our things to go out to dinner...i love it because i can hear HER...her voice, her emotions, her love for them and for her life. and i love her drawings. i want to get her published. i'm glancing over at our calendar hanging by the computer and it still says april with last year's photo of sea and story eating candy by their easter bunnies and easter baskets...that sounds about right for how behind i am! anyway, here is her book along with my quick interpretations (we don't try to correct her on spelling as it seems to encourage her to try to figure out sounds when she does it on her own):

auntie brena and uncle "math you" (matthew) by sea illustrated by sea written by sea

my auntie and uncle came here

they gave us a map. you have a map now (she made her "p's" backwards)

thank you i said. you are welcome.

i wanted to fly the kite but i didn't get to.

i forgot all about it.

i had fun until...

i had to stop

that's about where i'm at..."i had fun until i had to stop"...i'm definitely enjoying life but wish i had time to document it...sea woke up...off to go snuggle with her in bed

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

balancing act

i had trouble moving past that post about sea and the spider...i've vowed to try and understand her (and assume she has sweet motives) instead of being quick to judge...

i also had trouble forcing myself to post every day for NABLOPOMO so i'm hoping this month to just post when i have time and feel compelled. i know from past experience i have to keep posts within 2 to 4 days or i let the blog slide entirely...

so, here i am balancing so much. such is the life of being a mom. sea is watching classic richard scarry episodes (manuel got the videotape off ebay) and story was napping (of course he came in here half asleep as i was just typing this)...nursed him back to sleep...

puppy and kitten both napping...normally i'd want to nap more than most else...today i got quite a bit done (story is waking back up as i type)...so i was excited for this 15 minutes of so of down time to type in this blog...once i sit down with time to myself my mind goes blank...nothing i have to write about or reflect on seems blog-worthy or interesting anymore...

story is calling out to me so more later :)