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Monday, May 31, 2010

happy memorial day and commenting on comments

i wish i had more profound words to share today on memorial day. i really get quite self-absorbed on this weekend since my dad passed away the day before memorial day 4 years ago...it has become "in memory of my dad" instead of honoring those who serve or reflecting on those lost...

honestly i know very few people in the military and wish i was more connected to this aspect of our society...or really i wish we didn't have a need for military at all, but then that is my hippy idealism and the reality is we do have many many who have served and lost their lives whether the fighting was justified or not so i want to concentrate on that and not get into any political debates!

that said, i got a little sad i had no comments on my last post...a short one...really, only a video of our family at the beach and i feel like i'm linking it now so if you catch this post you can go back and check it out! which shows some of the games i feel that i play with blogging instead of having the integrity i strive for or blogging for the right reasons. if i wasn't so tired from 3 full days at the beach i might start the task of writing about blogging and commenting...i know i haven't been up to speed on commenting on other blogs for sure. i'd like to truly follow people in the sense of reading every post they write instead of when i have time to check my reader...but on the flip side i am always striving for BALANCE and LIVING instead of documenting life so i should just appreciate those care free moments at the beach instead of caring if anyone else ever sees them or even for that matter if i record them on video for our family...LIVE them and RE-LIVE them and just be...


  1. okay, so I watched your video and everytime you kept calling Story to come in, I thought you were yelling, "Sorry!" and I couldn't figure out why you were apologizing and to whom you were apologizing. When the video was almost done, I realized you were yelling your son's name! CRAZY! I am so slow!

  2. What a treasure. Your children must love seeing themselves.

    Balance and Living are worth a lot. And as you seem to be alluding, they might not look like success in the material world.

    The best to all of you.

  3. Funny, I thought you were saying "sorry" too! I had to rewind twice to figure it out LOL It's so wonderful that you got a chance to go to the beach three days in a row. I think I've only been to the beach in Jacksonville 5 times in the 4 years we've been here :)

  4. kirby3131, that makes me feel SOOOO much better! So maybe I'm not going crazy!

  5. I agree with purplume - "Balance and Living are worth a lot." I know that I struggle with this too, sometimes. Every once in a while, I have to remind myself to PUT THE CAMERA DOWN. Having a photo reminder of something is quite different from being A PART of that memory.

    Then there's the little voice that keeps piping up, "but look at the pretty pictures!" Ack!


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