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Saturday, May 29, 2010

me, my dad and my sis in a field of poppies...and "tea"

it is late and my daughter is still up...serving me "tea" and "shakes" out of her wooden toys...i'm tired so my hopes of catching up on others' blogs and writing something memorable about my dad or about blogging or summarizing/sharing your thoughts on blogging is going to have to be put off once again...this photo feels centuries ago...like we are out on a prairie in undeveloped territory...sea is now making me a "list" that she is crossing off saying "she isn't here anymore" "he isn't here anymore" "YOU are the only one here"...only i'm not...i really want to be more present for my daughter even if it is almost 10:30 p.m. and she should have been in bed 2.5 hours ago...and there were so many things on my own list i'd hoped to do tonight. this is my job; my life; my love...being a mommy and being here now, even when i had other ideas...now i'm feeling guilty i didn't even choose a photo of her serving me tea...i'm sure i can find one...so i'll go back to following her play and in between her search for other props i'll see...otherwise, i'll catch you later...she is finally ready for bed but here she is serving tea to her brother and kitty friends...

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  1. I loved having tea parties.

    Being more present with my children is one of the things I would do more of, if I had a do-over.

    I awarded you two awards on my blog today. I know how busy you are, but I wanted to give the option.

    They are totally flexible, what you do with them or don't do.

    Sleep well and have your best weekend ever.


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