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Sunday, May 2, 2010

"wanna fly a kite, brudder?"

ok, there are no kites in these shots...but these photos were taken yesterday after attending a costume birthday party (sea was a ballerina)...they returned with these balloons and i love how sea is flying (spinning) in these shots...then this morning she handed her brother one of the balloons and she took the other and they ran through the house "flying kites"...we've been at the beach all day and i'm too exhausted to write much else...have i mentioned how much i love my life? scroll down to catch all of them...


  1. I love these pictures, first of all because of the innocent freedom in her dance, but also, because I love that magical afternoon sunlight on the wooden floor.

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog (I couldn't find your email address on your blog, so commenting again...).
    I like my "blog" books (they come out very much like the blog if you don't spend anytime "improving", which I do not want to use alot of my time making these books) and use this company. Very happy with books.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  3. cute! She looks so light and airy!

  4. love these shots : ) So full of childhood!
    Brought a smile to my day.


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