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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

reprioritizing values

my husband just found out that a subdivision of his office didn't get their contract renewed and 36 people have to be re-located or laid off. they are going by hire date and he has been working there just over 5 years...he could be on the laid off list...so, needless to say, worrying about why i blog or comments is low on my list of concerns. we should know in the next couple of weeks...in the meantime i'm cutting all non-essentials out of our life and learning how to truly live simply...appreciating the little things even more...


  1. I'm sorry, Denise. I will be praying for you guys! YUCK!

  2. What a hard thing to sit and wonder about. Think Positive thoughts!

  3. As a wife I know how I have felt in this situation. You sound so strong and are using it to get even stronger. Bless you all. Thank you for your comment on my blog and the health book recommendation.


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