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Sunday, May 16, 2010

mommy stuff, excuses, blogging questions and answers

i took this photo of story nursing on me on the morning of mother's day. i don't think of myself as vain or that self-critical of what i look like, but somehow i just feel and/or look like i'm SO tired and old...that disclaimer aside, i do like how peaceful and attached story looks and i must remind myself that i appreciate that tonight after nursing and re-nursing and then nursing him again so much so that i ran out of milk (?!) i can only think of a few times that has happened...but of course that happened for 2.5 hours tonight as i was thinking of all my answers to yesterday's (too) many questions about blogging...heck, i'm getting stressed just thinking about what all those questions were and i LIKE answering lots of questions so i can see why most commenters stuck with answering one or two...

i find it ironic or perhaps appropriate that not only did i not make it to all my favorite blogs to request feedback on this topic, i didn't even make it to thank those who DID comment...so i'm trying to decide in the few minutes before i should go back to sleep (oh, one of my excuses is that sea is really sick...came down with a fever yesterday and has been listless and moping around all day) if i should try to answer those questions or visit blogs...i'm going to go for thank-yous first and see if i have time for more...if so, i'll edit this post...if not, look for answers to the questions tomorrow or take a second and comment your answers if you haven't already...


  1. you crack me up! i really will be answering those questions. And I might actually give you a couple of the answers. But i think i need to know the answers myself so it wasn't crazy to ask them!

  2. Family first, We bloggers can wait. I think you are on an excellent topic here.
    I see it as an ongoing discussion and am very interested in people's replies.
    Would you consider a McLinky or some other way for us to connect? In your spare time of course.

  3. ooh yes! tell me how to do a mclinky and i will (or do i just google it?)...off to be productive for 1 hour and if i can keep children sleeping (yes they are BOTH napping as sea is still sick) i will do a post on my answers and a mclinky for everyone else's? otherwise i'll do a separate post with all commenters links in it and my summary replies after i write mine...don't want to be biased by what everyone else has to say though i'm sure there will be a lot of overlap! thanks guys! the more the merrier!


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