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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


"now" is the theme for june on nablopomo which is actually a great theme for me right now :)
see, i already used the word! this photo was taken on the 4 year anniversary of the loss of my dad when i visited his grave...the image is of my dad and mom, in front of the ocean (he loved the water) and is in the upper corner of his gravestone along with one of his favorite quotes "thanks for the memories"...my daughter, sea, loves orange and picked the flower (we may plant this lantana bush in front of her bedroom window)...my dad was an extremely optimistic man who always tried to maximize every moment in a way that drove me crazy at the time but i can really appreciate now. see, i used the word again...so i'm trying to concentrate more on the present. i purposely did not blog yesterday so i wouldn't inadvertently "try" to blog every day of the month...i want to focus on LIVING and make blogging a secondary priority.

my 20 year high school reunion is a little over a month away. there is a lot more work to do in the planning stages and i'd like to work out not so much to look better as to feel better. so i'm hoping to get in regular walks (also to prepare myself for walking the mile each way to drop sea off at kindergarten in the fall!!!)...i'll start tomorrow morning as she has a kindergarten evaluation around 11. they want to see her "readiness" for school plus her personality and listening skills, etc. to decide which of three classrooms to put her in. part of me wants to check where she is at academically but the bigger part of me knows she is bright and wants to focus on her playing and being a kid as long as possible, not worried where she is at or what the teachers think...i may be a little too "outside the box" for this school, but a little more traditional setting than the hippy-types i hang out with will probably be good for both of us. sea can get all the hands-on, play-based, experiential, artsy, etc. stuff from me at home to supplement and i know she will love learning.

i already feel liberated this month knowing i can blog when i want to instead of because i "have to" for a commitment to nablopomo...but i also want to challenge myself to update every 3 or 4 days at least so i don't get weeks behind and feel discouraged. heck, i may even do that old challenge of answering the questions i asked "why do i blog...what do i look for in blogs i follow...what are my thoughts on comments...etc." and summarize your thoughts on these things!


  1. That's a beautiful picture. Denise, you are truly a beautiful person. I don't really have a lot to say except that I'm enjoying getting to know you right now! (he he he!)

  2. I've got something for you on my blog. Come and check it out!

  3. Wonderful picture and thoughts... and good for you finding your 'now'! :)

  4. Very empowering the way you have made these decisions. Bless you all.


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