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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sleep sadness

tonight, out of the blue, sea declared "goodnight mommy, goodnight daddy...i'm going to sleep...give me a kiss" and then promptly marched down the hall, turned on her night light, turned off her light, climbed into her own bed, and pulled the covers up to her chin. she was in fact asleep in minutes. noteworthy, if you don't know, because she has spent the past 4 years and 10 months in our bed...with no encouragement from us to sleep elsewhere...we miss you little "ee"!!!

so i know on a logical level this is a good thing and a natural progression...a sign of her independence and security that she could do this so easily...but i can't get over the longing and sadness i feel and i'm not sure what to do with myself :(

needless to say, no rambling and philosophizing on why i blog or others' blogs...sorry to leave you hanging on that...but for this huge milestone in our family's life tonight i really wanted to write on that topic and i still look forward to reading your comments/posts and summarizing/linking them in the near future...

i'm off to bed...to mope and hope she returns part way through...or not...i can't decide which would be easier/better for all of us but there will definitely be a huge gap in our bed tonight :(


  1. Wow, what a milestone to remember no? It's so funny how we were talking today about our childhood and how we were parented has a direct reflection on how we choose to parent our children the the choices they will make as a result of it. So bitter sweet.

  2. That was a giant step for her. I hope that you were able to get some sleep knowing she was elsewhere :)

    Kristin - The Goat

  3. She looks so peaceful there... it sounds like she knew it was time to make that next step. And while I know it is sad for you, try to enjoy that little bit of extra room to stretch out in :)

  4. I remember those days. We had a family bed. Bittersweet.


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