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Sunday, May 23, 2010

blogging brainstorm procrastination

excuses, excuses...i'm not even going to resort to filler photos (though i do have over 60,000 photos on my hard drive and could probably throw up a few comments and call it a post)...i'm just too exhausted to post on the topic. it was very fascinating to me when i posted the questions...even contacted some of my mommy blogger friends who first inspired me to blog and asked them the same things...they were equally overwhelmed...so i've decided when i do finally get up this post i will simplify my questions and then ask them again for those of you who still want to participate but maybe in a lesser sense...then i will include the links and answers (kristin, i haven't forgotten the wonderful lengthy e-mail you sent me!) as well as my comments...

for now, i'll give you a quick summary of my weekend just to give a snapshot of how i often fit too much in...friday day was spent mostly cleaning the house and then we threw an engagement party for one of manuel's colleagues...he invited his whole office and we had a house full of people that night...saturday morning i woke up early and went to lead sabbath school...immediately after that we attended a birthday party for a 5-year-old friend in a nearby park...following that we dropped by a friend's new home...she is one of my best friends and they just bought a house literally right down the street between our house and the school sea will attend...so we saw all the work they've been doing and met some of their immediate neighbors...then we went to an anniversary celebration for the school sea will go to...i forget what we did last night...this morning we ate breakfast as a family and then spent the majority of the day at a nearby swap meet...we usually go to the beach on weekends but it was too windy and cold (low 60's)...after that we ran a few errands like picking up a shed manuel got off craigslist...almost $400 new he paid $25!!! i tell you my hubby is amazing at finding deals...a lock at home depot, groceries at a couple stores and ate at souplantation. we got home a couple hours ago and bathed the children, read them stories and then i spent the last hour nursing story to sleep (he is going through a growth spurt or something)...none of this sounds that interesting in re-reading it but one of the things i was going to talk about as far as reasons why i blog is to somehow find the balance between the meaningful and the mundane and though these ideas may have no meaning to those reading them, i will appreciate looking back over these little things that filled our days at this point in our life, and really it is often these little details that i find interesting in blogs i read...like how people prioritize their time and what they value and how they fit it all in...what is too much, what is worth it, what they were glad they did and what they wish they left out...

on that note, i almost bought a coo-coo clock for the kids who love to sing "so long farewell" from the sound of music and pop out from behind adults to say "coo-coo!"

so i apologize that i am stalling on this idea again...i did give myself 48 hours so that means tomorrow night is my deadline...i'm actually looking forward to reading your comments and summarizing/commenting on them even more than writing my own (i obsess over these things and ramble and free associate about way too much and lose where i was going or hoping to go with the ideas)...so be thinking about what you can add or share on the topic of why you blog, what you look for in blogs you read, your views on commenting and commenters...


  1. Love that your friend has moved so close to you... what a joy! And I love that you are still nursing. I am still nursing my 16 mo old, and BOY have I been getting comments and feedback lately. Its nice to see another mom making the same choice!


  2. Anyone who is a mother has total latitude with me to put their family first. There is no hurry.

    I wonder if there is anyway we can help make it easier for you? I like your idea of simplifying the questions.

    One thing that comes to mind is a separate post about each question. Just an idea. XD

  3. you had me at $25 shed - wow-eeeeee that is awesome. Let me know if you need any 80's music suggestions and I'll email you my husbands 80's song playlist for jam skating. (We are stuck in the 80's)

  4. oooh! i like the idea of each question getting it's own post!!!! Are you Jewish? You celebrated Easter, didn't you? Am I asking too personal of a question? If so, just tell me to mind my own business!


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