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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

how do you know if you are crazy?

i thought that would be a catchy title! ha! but the funny thing is tonight in our reunion planning committee meeting i was actually reflecting on this idea...we decided to add a link on our reunion website entitled "gossip" just to be kind of a hook to get people to see what is written there and then just poke fun of ourselves (the committee members)...as we brainstormed on what information to put there, we were cracking ourselves up and just kept disclosing more information about ourselves...it was kind of a group therapy session of sorts...

as i was driving home, chatting with my husband and asking him if he thought i was crazy (then? now?) and how i never really thought i was crazy at the time he said something like "i think that is one of the defining aspects of craziness, you don't realize that you are" which got me thinking about the genetic component and whether you could be "crazy" at one point and not be crazy now (which is how i feel)...i remember talking to a therapist back in the day about how "crazy" my mom was (using the term loosely and not clinically) and how afraid i was that i was crazy and how i took an MMPI and when my therapist interpreted it he told me i was elevated on several crazy scales but based on my high honesty scores and something else (?) he interpreted this to mean i was AFRAID of these things and not actually that way? interesting...

anyway, i'm off to update our 20 year reunion website and blog there, too. (drop by and give me feedback on that, too if you are up for it...) if you want a quick synopsis of one of the "crazy" stories from high school, i'll share a quick story that still cracks me up...i was "obsessed" with this one guy and got a job at a cafe a few houses down from his house. i used to do "drive bys" regularly to see if he was home, what he was doing, etc...i also worked as a medical transcriptionist and one day i was typing up a patient's progress notes and he was telling the psychiatrist i worked for how one of the members of the office staff was "stalking" him...i read more in his chart, curious who he was referring to and why he thought this...at first i thought it was just because his diagnosis was paranoid schizophrenic that he would think that...until i saw his home was RIGHT NEXT to the guy that i HAD been stalking! ha! how funny is that to make someone already paranoid believe their fears because they are there reality?

ok, that is all for now...maybe i'll actually have time to check out some of your blogs tonight (it has been way too long) but if you read this, i'd love your comments on how/why you think people are crazy. i could give many more details on why i am...:)


  1. I'm afraid to have any of that testing done or it may confirm my fear that I am slightly "off" in many respects :D BTW, I recently joined FB (reluctantly) since my reunion is coming up - and I discovered that there was a Best A$$ category - to which I had been nominated unbeknown to me. Yeah, lots of good senses of humor in my graduating class :D

  2. And just for reading that FIRST paragraph, I have determined that you ARE crazy. As am I for reading it!

  3. That is amazing about the paranoid guy and his therapist.

    Have you heard the definition - crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

    I've also heard the ones who are crazy are the ones who can't get anyone to join them in what they are doing?


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