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Friday, September 25, 2009

day 44 blog 40 rested and feeling great!

ok, you know i'm feeling great when i wake up, wide awake and energized before 7...both children were nursing again and i usually sleep through this or am half awake, foggy, exhausted, and go right back to sleep. but this morning i just woke straight up almost at the end of a dream...a good, vivid, detailed dream...it included a massage (which i love and am long overdue for), time with an old dear friend, brunch, a glass of wine (just told an old friend in the napa valley, pete, i hoped to meet him for a glass of his wine...his wine is selling really well and sounds exactly like the style i would love...big, bold, full-bodied...we were housemates back in the day), a visit with my elderly neighbor growing up (she had fixed up a room in her house for the children...complete with a canopy bed to sleep/snuggle in...somehow this tied back to my dad and gave me peace...like life goes on and cycles back to the little ones who live on...not sure how to explain this..) of course it is now barely past 7 and both children are awake and trying to see what i'm doing...so i need to cut this short...

just wanted to refer you back to my previous post to try out that 24 hour detox as it has done wonders for not only how i feel physically but emotionally....i have SO much energy right now it is crazy...oh, and i posted another breastfeeding photo from our hawaii trip as my mastitis is almost gone and i have two happy vivacious nursers...back to drink some more cleansing tea and to see how to maintain this high...story is appropriately nursing as i type...


  1. I absolutely LOVE this photo!! Well, I guess I'll have to look into that cleanse as I am NOT energized at all! Would love to feel like you describe feeling. Hope your day is great!

  2. SOOOOOO glad your cleanse worked and that you are feeling better ALL around!! Praise God!!

    I still am nursing Audrey... and just love to hear about other nursing mommies. And to twins no less!! You are awesome!


  3. What a relief that you are feeling better.

    Kristin - The Goat

  4. Thanks! I should clarify I am tandem nursing my 1.5 yr-old son and sometimes my 4-year-old daughter...rarely at the same time...usually while i'm half asleep...but no twins...


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