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Thursday, September 17, 2009

day 35 blog 34 second chances

thought i'd put one of my favorite photos of all times here to motivate me. i could use some second chances in my life. in many areas. that i'm not going to list, write about, analyze, try to understand, and generally stall from getting things done. so i know i am now technically one day behind on blogging everyday but if i get enough done today i will allow myself to blog again tonight (maybe about the first day of sea's 2nd year of co-op preschool yesterday)...but no more procrastination for now...

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  1. I think it was the same week I told you that I'd blogged every day for over a year, I missed a day. I wrote a post at 2am my time, 2 hours after my daily deadline, but it was a day late. I had a very good reason, but whatever the reason, I missed it. I decided to just keep going and post every day for as long as I can. It was a real good run :)

    That's a lovely photo :) I can see why you like it!

    Kristin - The Goat


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