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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

day 26 blog 26 sleep

i should be sleeping. but i was getting anxiety over not blogging. and the two ones were nursing too much and i felt like they were making more milk instead of draining my plugged duct...so...i don't feel much better. fever is reduced, but still achy...breast is still huge, swollen, lumpy, red, sore...my mom comes tomorrow afternoon and i'm going to get as much sleep as i can. drink more fluids. take it easy. all things i should have been doing for awhile now. my body feels so run down. i'm too tired to search for a cute sleeping photo to supplement this post. and i have a lot of them. eventually i hope to post on "health"...but i can't start with any more lists of things i should be doing. i need to go back to sleep.

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