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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

day 41 blog 38 "yucky yizard" (mastitis revisted)

this was a "just breastfeeding" photo although i have a lot of actual ones...i'm using manuel's laptop again with lots of cords attached and "two ones" competing for my attention...i have mastitis again...a sign i need to slow down and take better care of myself including eating better, less, less fat, less sugar, less fried foods, more sleep, more exercise....the usual. today sea was nursing and i asked her if the milk tasted different and she said it tasted like a "yucky yizard" (lizard)...hopefully she doesn't really know what a lizard tastes like...she still switches "L's" and "Y's"...asks to sit on my yap...i don't have the time for this post but i was reading some interesting article on the relationship between a sluggish liver, breast issues like mastitis and unresolved/unexpressed emotions like anger and depression...my health posts will have to come after i get well and back from my trip...off to balance being productive and getting some rest...HA! however you do that...tips welcome...

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  1. I do so hope you are able to heal up quickly and not be in pain!! I love yout research though, and am impressed that you are seeking GOOD ways to get better!!!

    Prayers for you dear girl!


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