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Monday, September 7, 2009

day 25 blog 25 mastitis

very swollen, red, painful breast...flu-like symptoms, shaking, chills, feeling sorry for myself...lecithin granules, oj, vitamins, lots of water, hot bath, massaging breast like crazy, two nursing children...worn out and off to bed...would love more tips for relieving this!


  1. This happens to me, all to frequently, usually a sign I've been doing too much and neglecting my own health. My regimen is drinking lots (i do emergen-c), echinacea, and just stay in bed. The fever breaks for me within 24-72 hours (usually the shorter side but once I had it really bad). Keep nursing of course, massage, hot compresses before you nurse if you can. Poor thing, it is just horrible. I can bring you something tomorrow if you need it. let me know.

  2. thanks for the tips...manuel was able to get off early so i've been sleeping a lot...off to get more fluids...i have some emergen-c from gtm...i'll update tonight...


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