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Thursday, September 24, 2009

day 43 blog 39 "ju-ju"

my internet is still very spotty, briefly on my husband's laptop so i'm limited to his photos...but the good news is that i am MUCH better...tonight story was reaching for some juice and said "ju-ju"...some combo of "jue-jue" and "goo-goo" but he was very clear what he wanted...

i had some really disgusting digestive issues (too much information already) along with the mastitis so i decided to do a 24-hour detox plan from one of my favorite health resources, Linda Page's "Healthy Healing"...i have the 12th edition which seems to have more info than a previous edition i loaned to someone but the good news about some older editions is they have more info in some areas (like juicing recipes) that she later split off into a new book. i will be writing more about this book and my quest for health later but for now i feel SO much better that i am sharing with you my version of the detox she suggested on page 173:

"evening before you begin...have a green leafy salad (i didn't do this)...dry brush your skin before you go to bed to open pores for the night's cleansing eliminations. take an herbal laxative (didn't do these two, either)...next day take fresh juices, herbal drinks, water and a long walk (i took a 50 minute walk around 5 p.m.)
--on rising: take 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice, 1 tbsp maple syrup and a pinch cayenne in water
--breakfast: cranberry juice from concentrate
--mid-morning: 1 handful dandelion greens, 3 fresh pineapple rings and 3 radishes (i juiced these but put too many radishes or they were too big or something so it was pretty bitter)
--lunch: a glass of apple juice with 1 packet chlorella granules dissolved (i had caplets that i opened up instead...just guessed how many...maybe 2 teaspoons worth?)
--mid-afternoon: a cup of Crystal Star "Cleansing and purifying tea"
--dinner: a glass of papaya-pineapple juice for enzymes
--before bed: miso soup" (i'm adding extra sea greens)...water is heating for this now...

i felt better by late morning...i'm totally a believer in a cleanse...anyway, i'm off to bed...leaving for northern california saturday morning...hope to have full time internet when i'm back and be back to a post a day...

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  1. I think that cleanse sounds great!!! DO you do a probiotic as well??? I would take like a good quality probiotic ESPECIALLY for digestive health issues... really get in there and get your gut cleaned out!!


    mercola.com has good one... or GNC has one that will do...


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