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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

day 19 blog 20 glasses for sea's animals

i was hoping to post about a playgroup i'm in along with photos but i'm running behind preparing for hosting a "potluck brunch water play farewell to friends leaving for kindergarten" playgroup at my house tomorrow...so tonight's blog is a "little thing" or "sea-ism"...this morning i saw scotch tape on every stuffed animal in sea's room and i asked her if they had "owies" and she said "no, mom, these are GLASSES"...so if you look closely, you can see she carefully put tape just on their eyes so they could all wear glasses...love that i get to record these little things somewhere...


  1. Just LOVE this. Hey, when I follow you, should it be emailing me when you put up new posts? Or do I just have to check your posts? I love them and I have been tuning in daily to see what you've shared.

  2. thanks so much for the compliments cherie...i'm still "new" to the blogging world even though i've had a blog for awhile...i think you can click on "subscribe by email" but i'll look into it tonight and let you know...50 people on their way to my house right now!

  3. still need to research how to get people to subscribe or easily view my blog (tips from all you power-bloggers out there?) but for now, cherie, i just saw that your blog is also through blogspot and there is something called "dashboard" where you can manually put in the blogs that you follow and it will show you any new posts once you log in...i put yours there, too...


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