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Thursday, February 25, 2010

visiting my mom and preparing for story's party

i just can't get enough of baby shots of my children...hard to believe, story, newborn here, will be sea's age (2) on saturday. trying to plan his party and we have a jumpy house planned but rain is expected so maybe a house full of blown up balloons and helium balloons? will be hard with little and older children but we will make do...it is late and i'm still at my mom's...kids need to go to bed...i need to do laundry and work on the reunion plans...more when i have time...
my mom and sister took me out for indian food tonight for a belated birthday dinner...i love eating all different dishes with the naan and drinking mango lassis and chai tea with milk...end my meal with rice pudding of sorts with pistachios...yum! more later...here is my sister marci with story as a newborn...


  1. seriously, your children are beautiful

  2. Beautiful. I used to take videos of my children and think when I was old I would just sit around watching them again. Heck you have to wait that long till you have time to. XD


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