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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sea folk dancing at the swap meet

folk music is probably one of my favorites...having my daughter sing and dance along makes it even better...here she is at our local swap meet here in san diego...making friends, running around oblivious to anyone else...i love the way she literally kicks up her heels...i so rarely click on people's videos on their blog...this one is quite long and much of the same but if you just START to watch it you will get the idea and "feel" her energy...too much on my mind for much else...


  1. How wonderful. She just shines with JOY. I love seeing happy children dancing - my own do all the time. I'm not familiar with much folk music, but I love bluegrass. Mostly because when I was Sea's age, my parents took my sisters and I too bluegrass festivals and we danced to bangos and fiddles.

  2. She is too cute. I wish I had that kind of carefree energy in life.

  3. I love it too!! She is so free and full of JOY!!! Great job mommy and daddy. You are doing it rigth!

  4. TOO cute! And I wish I had that kind of energy!


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