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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

random lion photo

i am a bad blogger tonight. i found this random photo of myself as a child sitting on a lion and don't have a story or reason for posting it other than i'm still under the weather and going to bed and just getting in a quick post for NABLOPOMO...i also apologize for not "following" many of my fellow blogger friends recently...i declined hosting co-op preschool tomorrow so we could lay low and catch up so i will have high hopes i'll have more then...


  1. I'm afraid although he looks drugged, the lion.

  2. That is an awesome picture! I can't believe your mom was brave enough to sit you there lol

  3. BEST photo ever... feel better. xo

  4. Get out! Is that a real lion!? That is such a cool picture! Hope you start feeling better SOON! :)


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