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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


so i was in the car headed to my mom's house...to attend mom's network...a meeting at my mom's church that includes lots of yummy potluck food (homemade muffins, egg casseroles, crepes, you name it), free child care for 3 hours (!!!), a devotion, book reviews and give aways (i've won two books the times i've gone) and then a main speaker. but it was pouring down rain...poor visibility, dark, and i was a little tired. so i turned around and came home (very unlike me...i guess when you become a mom even if you are naturally spontaneous safety takes precedence)...sea was shocked...sure i made a mistake and i would keep going to "mimi's house"...story fell asleep before we turned off my street (no nap today)...so as we were driving home sea said "mommy? how come you sing 'hit the road jack, don't you come back...' and you are coming back?" which made me chuckle...this is a short post because i just sent out an evite for our birthday brunch (potluck style) this coming monday (manuel's birthday is friday and mine is monday...day after valentine's day...long weekend...i'll be curious to see who makes it) and i am in full gear trying to at least pick a date and venue for my 20 year reunion...so i leave you with my children's adorable toes...if you love the photo as much as i do you HAVE to click on the short video to watch me nibbling on both of their toes...story has an infectious laugh...


  1. That video totally made me smile!! My kids heard it so they came to watch too and they both started laughing! :) I love little people toes!

  2. Sometimes it the simple things that keep you going. Toes and giggles are good fuel!

  3. Sometimes its the simple things that keep you going. Toes and giggles are good fuel.


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