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Friday, February 5, 2010

singing along

we got this little cassette player for sea and story for $1 at the swap meet...they love putting in tapes and singing along...i need to take a video of sea singing old macdonald's farm and story ending it with "ee-i--ee--i--oo...."

i'm still out at my mom's house planning my 20-year reunion...just connected with several old classmates on facebook and committed to co-chairing...

so much to do i have to be brief...story now says "abble" (apple) "aungee" (auntie) "gum"

we are going to go and visit hayno (90-year-old lady i grew up with who is like a grandma to me) and maybe bake her a cake for her birthday and sea's half birthday last month...sea is requesting grape flavor? hmmm....

sea is arguing with my mom about stealing versus borrowing my sister's gum...story is calling "MAMA!" and saying "gum" and pointing to where he can find some...i feel way too busy to be on here right now but am trying to keep up with nablopomo and will be driving home late tonight when i would normally be blogging...


  1. Grape flavored cake? Good luck with that! :)
    Cute picture!!

  2. My daughter wants a 'Thriller' cake for her birthday - complete with a little fondant Michael Jackson ;)

  3. My daughter had a tape recorder just like that! She carried that thing around with her everywhere for MONTHS! It was so cute!


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