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Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy heart day!

this photo was taken on sea's 1st valentine's day...she was just over 6 months old and wearing one of my little dresses that i wore in the 70's...i just wanted to write a short post to say how much i love my life and my family...particularly my husband and children...

i had to pause for this moment of gratitude, today, on valentine's day, as i'm still up every hour swimming in my head cold, fever, aches, sore muscles, headache...etc. self-absorption "poor me"...i'm really not a very good patient...i usually drink a LOT of water, pound odwalla superfood and mo' beta and anything with loads of vitamin c and get as much rest as possible. only i haven't been able to sleep...so on one of my pounding drinks and potty breaks before returning to sleep i thought i'd get in a quick post with hopefully my focus on the right thing...


  1. so pretty!

    i've a migraine. and i'm trying to figure out how to combat it because i have orders to fill - that need to be shipped tomorrow.

  2. i love how real you are! and sea is so CUTE!

  3. Beautiful Valentine picture. So sorry you are sick, sending light for healing and ease.
    Get well soon.

  4. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I love that picture, it is adorable :)

  5. omg, that is just oozing absolute cuteness D! why can't they stay babies?

  6. Being sick SUCKS, I was just there. Hope you feel better very very soon!! And I LOVE that picture!


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