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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pink fingernail polish

today our neighbor claire came over to play. she is a couple years older than sea (in first grade down the street where sea may start kindergarten in the fall)...she had her nails painted so sea begged her to go home and bring back some pink nail polish and do her nails...i love this next shot with sea in her too tight (too small) orange pants, pig tails...waiting patiently while claire concentrates on doing her nails...

remember sea does not usually hold still for anything so she REALLY wanted pink nails...

admiring them and even letting them dry...
and then her toes...
i have much more meaningful things to blog about but am just so tired...so i thought these were cute photos and i could get the ideas down quickly...i should add that i'm very "hippy" or "earthy" or "natural" and own nothing like this myself...no make-up (ok, maybe tinted lip gloss) and was just thinking how in part i went that way because my mom would say things to me like how i needed to wear make-up to look pretty (she would correct me now and say "prettier" but you get the point) so because i tell sea she doesn't need anything to be prettier she will probably try to rebel or be her own person and become way into these things...or not...i like to think i'm helping us both me more balanced about these things...


  1. Precious pictures. She knows what she likes.
    I wish I could get away with just lip gloss. I had a boyfriend once who kept saying don't wear makeup, so I didn't. He looked at me and never said that again.

  2. I think you are right... and I love that you are willing to blog about pink fingernails. Sometimes that IS the important stuff. :)


  3. At least if she decides that she is into those things, it won't be because she felt that she needed them to be pretty :) I admire you for instilling that self-esteem into her at a young age.

  4. My girls love pretty pink nail polish too. I just had to run out last week to find blue, so they'd be ready for the Super Bowl [Colts colors!]. While I don't wear much makeup on a daily basis [work at home mom], when I do, it's DARK. And all of my nail polish is DARK - red red or black. I'm not used to girlie colors.

    So glad Sea had fun :)

  5. How sweet! We love doing manicures and pedicures over here too, it's the simple things that little girls love! :)

  6. Lucky girl to hang with an older and wiser friend. I find I enjoy the company of an older woman to share her experiences with, such as the joys of pink nail polish.


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