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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sea's first day of kindergarten

last night we laid out her outfit, shoes, socks, backpack and her snack pack. they requested the snack pack be separate and clearly marked so i had sea write it out. she drew a little girl in a green dress complete with the red apple on her dress on the "sea's snacks" note along with blue shoes...i packed sliced apples, walnuts, carrots and mixed berry organic yogurt in a squeeze tube:
perhaps TOO many details here but these "tuesday" underpants match her green dress:
here is the little red apple on her dress (sorry i didn't rotate the photo before uploading):
sea's little bla bla tiger back pack (thank you auntie lisa!) in her favorite color orange:
sea's 2-tier tiffen lunch pail from om goods (thank you auntie char!) packed with an almond butter and raspberry jam sandwich on high protein bread, slices of provolone cheese, oven baked snap peas (her favorite), purple grapes, chocolate and yogurt covered pretzels and dried banana chips:
the tiffen comes with this little pink satchel with a pocket in front for a water bottle (in this case i packed organic pear juice) and comes with a cloth napkin:
sea made a "welcome to school" card for the kids (she started, per usual, to write right to left so the "to" is before the welcome...left handedness? kidness? these are the things she gets to learn in school, right?):
insides she drew herself (on the right) and was going to draw "like 11 children" but ran out of room/energy so here is one other friend:
she wanted to get herself ready for school so here she is trying to put on her own shoes:
and trying to tie them:
and these details were so cute i had to get one more:
her cute back view with pig tails and back pack on:
posing with her brother on the porch:
our whole family...you can see mom and dad are much more anxious than she is:
she wanted one of her by herself (which is of course my favorite shot):
even though we live less than a mile down the street on the SAME street, we drove and then crossed the cross walk to her school:
i liked the "school" sign in the background...lots of parents and children arriving...
sea and mommy in front of the school sign:
sea showing off in front of the sign...yes i DID time the lights to say "school starts":
her friend rosa (in a different kindergarten class) who lives down the street:
ms. baker (her teacher) putting sea's name tag on:
three of the only 6 girls in a classroom of 24 students! yep, 3 boys for every girl or 18 boys!
another classmate, zach:
noah lives just a few houses down but he is in a different kindergarten class and was trying to avoid my photo:
another boy she met in her class:
lining up to follow ms. baker to the classroom:
this is not her classroom but looks very similar:
sea walking straight into the kindergarten room...not looking back...not waving...not kissing us goodbye...i told you this was going to be harder on us than on her!
this is the last shot i tried to take looking into the classrrom...over parents heads and with other children still entering...hand shaking...but sea looked excited and happy to be a part of the mix:
i should add i am almost ready to go pick her up! she gets out at 2:15 but of course i want to be there at 1:45 waiting with camera and video camera in hand...mommy cards to pass out to other parents, meet her classmates, etc...i'm sure i will have a lot more to report through her eyes! looking forward to the stories, drawings, writing it all down word for word as she sees it...


  1. What a great entry!! It was engrossing, it really felt like we were going along.

  2. How fun and exciting for Sea...great blog post...Lisa

  3. could you be more on top of things???? This is wonderful - that backpack is simply adorable and I love that lunchpail system. Totally cool!! You can see how absolutely delighted she was in the family pic -- that had to make you feel good to be sending her off so happy. I don't think VC was anywhere near as elated headed off on his first day of high school ;-)

  4. Terrific poat. I love being there with you all. My second son never looked back either when he went in to kindergarten. He was s o ready and wanting to go.
    I hope she had a wonderful day and year.

  5. beautiful--i love all the details. Sea will be so happy to have this record when she gets older.


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