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Friday, September 17, 2010


i had such a long post planned for last night...yesterday was story's first "mommy-and-me" waldorf preschool class (details but no photos to follow) and sea's first after school drumming class with her old co-op friends (a few photos before my camera battery gave out) followed by our first back to school open house of sorts where we met with sea's teacher and learned what is going on in her classroom and her adjustment...i feel so depressed and slow moving and doubting everything we have been doing and deciding and experiencing (i should add i'm part way through a book i've been milling over in my mind for a LONG time and needing to read and am finally beginning in hopes of finding practical solutions...the book is called unconditional parenting by alfie kohn and it totally makes philosophical sense to me and with my attachment parenting style and striving for integrity and love-based decision making but it is so HARD and i could write several posts just on my childhood and sense of self and independence/dependence etc.) but like i've been telling those who ask (or those whose advice i seek on these adjustments), if anyone else had told me about the adjustments sea is going through i would say "oh those sound normal" even though they are SO hard to experience with your own child...

so more on all that later...for now i just wanted to add that i enthusiastically raised my hand, waived it around and more or less shouted "pick me! want me! choose me!" from the front row of the parent meeting and i am now the official room parent...will find out what that entails in the next few days. i really enjoyed planning my 20 year high school reunion and i figure this will be similar in some ways delegating tasks and coordinating different needs and agendas while at the same time being more hands-on and involved in sea's classroom.

i'm exhausted and it is a ridiculous hour so i'm going back to bed. looking forward to the challenges but hoping sea's emotional adjustments get easier for us both.

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  1. Oh yay room parent. I liked being that. It was nice to be involved and see your child at school


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