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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

kindergarten adjustments

sea's been having a hard time going to kindergarten "i don't want to leave you, mommy" and i've been questioning my parenting, priorities in choosing this school, was she ready, should i have done preschool, should i home-school, etc. even though this reaction would seem totally normal if it was anyone else's child...just SO hard to look into her sad eyes, watch her quivering lip trying to be strong clutching her little lunch pail...i realized these two photos i took today show both our anxiety in the first followed by an "it will be ok" smile which i guess is the bottom line without too much more analysis and heartache...off to our first PTA meeting...


  1. Parenting is so challenging in so many ways.
    Ease and grace to all of you.

  2. We just started Kindergarten too. Our little one LOVES it, but I have lots of questions about whether I should have waited until she was five. Kindergarten is pretty intense! Hope all is going well now!


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