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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"i play wi mi mom"

this weekend our family went out to dinner and sea chose an outfit to be dressed like her mom...we were both wearing jean skirts and purplish tops...
today she brought home her first real project entitled "mom"...on the back it instructed us to read this book together tonight...
inside was a picture she drew of me wearing brown matching clothes ("with rainbow fingers that can reach as high as the sun but not really touching" as sea described) and sea's wearing a hat with yellow hair and a purse...she tried to sound out the "i play with my mom"
and presumably her teacher wrote what she was trying to say on the next page...the most touching part of this booklet is the last drawing of the two of us...similar to our matching outfits, we are both wearing green with yellow hair (she added a little brown in mine so it would look more realistic)...i am wearing a purse and we are holding hands...
i asked sea several times what the assignment was...what the teacher asked them to draw...and she said "draw something about your life" and so i asked her why she chose to write about me and she said "because i love you and i play with you and i want you sometimes and you come and you see me"


  1. I love the detail in her drawings. Kindergarten is a hard transition for some kids. Porter had a hard time and it never really got better. Thankfully he is at a different school this year and loves it!

  2. Beautiful, Denise! Nothing like the sincere honesty of a child. Your own, nonetheless :-)

  3. How touching and what a high honor that she drew you with rainbow fingers. I am very impressed.
    What a beautiful love you have.


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