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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2nd day of kindergarten

this is actually a photo from the first day of school (after picking up sea) but i had SO many things flooding through my head (and about 100 photos to choose from...after school the first day, waiting for school the second and after school the second) that i just felt too overwhelmed to write about it. sea didn't have much to report either. but she seemed happy. this photo seems kind of distant to me and that is where i was at emotionally all day yesterday, so it is the one i'm choosing to "fill in" my lack of post yesterday. here is a list of things i COULD write about today, just after dropping sea off for day 3:

1) my depression from yesterday (and a long list of possible reasons why i felt worse the second day)
2) replacing self-absorption with something productive for myself or others
3) my long "to do" list that has been on hold since school started
4) how story is coping without his sister (he is playing very happily behind me...cutting out florescent construction paper pieces, putting them in his new "bug home" and singing "come into my HEART...Lord Jeeeesuuuusssss"...this is the song sea usually sings after prayer before bed...so adorable i must videotape it one of these days...)
5) all the things i never wrote about...like the planning, execution, after opinions and advice i would give about my 20 year high school reunion
6) recent blogs i've read that have inspired me or made me think about my values/priorities
7) my journal idea to document sea's kindergarten experience...one for her, one for me and one we write together...all rather empty right now
8) chronicling my own childhood through a blog project i signed up for that begins in october...join me! i'd love motivation and people doing it along with me!

totally lost my train of thought stuffing myself with cereal and my "sipping" tea became guzzling as i rush to repair story's potty learning accident and pick up before we try out a new storytime in an hour...more later!

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