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Thursday, September 9, 2010

3rd day of kindergarten

i love this "moment" sea and her friend brooke in their matching black striped dresses were sharing without realizing i was taking the photo...these first two photos were actually from the second day of school...here is sea pointing when she saw her brother...
the third day of school we found mia to take a photo of three girls in pink...
and then we realized we had found all but one of the girls in sea's class...that's right, there are only 6 girls and something like 18 boys! i girl for every 3 boys at each table...here, from left to right are brooke, mackenzie, mia, sea and jolie (pronounced with the accent on the E as in angelina)...
here is sea waiting in line for me to pick her up on the third day...the little boy on her left, eric, lives just a few houses down...
so my routine since school started tuesday has been to upload the photos right away but then not quite know what to say until the next day when i forget what it all!

sea really has been uncharacteristically quiet about what she is doing in school (other than climbing on things and enjoying the monkey bars). she did tell me the teacher asked one boy like 20 times if he needed to go potty and then he went in his pants and she told him that wasn't a good idea. i told her that someone could feel very sad about that and she should be extra kind to him.

sea's teacher asked me if we celebrate Diwali, a Hindu festival of lights (presumably because our Indian friends came with us to pick up sea one day?)...she indicated they are going to try and learn about as many different cultural celebrations as they can which i think is awesome.

sea has learned how to make a couple lower case letters. she told me yesterday that they can go sit on a round rug when they want to read (on their own i assume) which i thought was a great opportunity. she has told me a few details of some books the teacher has read to them. she did sing a little song about meeting people but that doesn't seem to be something she needs to work on :)

i'll hope to post again this evening about today's school experience...oh, i forgot to mention story. he seems to be adjusting well and enjoying more time with mom. the first day when sea went into the classroom he said "chewey inside" and then since then he has said "ee?" asking if she is coming with us or "pick up ee?" "ee come" etc. not quite understanding the long-term arrangement. he does miss her even if they argue and grab from one another as soon as she returns (they just need to be active together...as soon as he jumps on a little car she will push him and vice versa and then they are swell!)

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  1. Sea has a friend named Brooke?
    Okay, that is adorable.
    Sea and Brooke.

    Princess Pea is going through an adjustment herself with Wordgirl being in school. And I am so exhausted. Today, I was ready to call it quits! I think having one in school is just as tiring as having them all at home.


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