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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"mommy elijah wants to marry me"

sea casually mentioned this to me yesterday...i asked her what happened and she said "elijah said 'i love you sea...will you marry me?" and so i asked her what she said and she said "sure, if you buy me a golden ring"?!!! these ideas are so foreign to me...in first grade boys thought girls had cooties...i don't even wear jewelry so i'm not sure where sea got the idea of a ring from...i never had any little boyfriends as a child and this is already sea's second suitor (see the post on robert here)...she is so casual about the whole thing...maybe that was my trouble...always a tragic romantic and idealizing what a boyfriend/husband meant...i talked elijah's mom today and she gave me a little more context to this...she said at the halloween playdate sea had kissed elijah and so he believed he had to marry her...so cute...this photo below may have been taken right before or after the kiss...


  1. Yes, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. Oh, boy!

  2. Yes, we have photographic proof. Adorable! Let's wait another ten years and bring this up again. Look at Elijah and the Marine! So funny! I don't typically LOL, but I did LOL. My son, the romantic....oi!

  3. so robert has been dumped? hahahahahaha!


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