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Monday, November 28, 2011

i **heart** nerds

my husband and i just finished watching a 5th recorded episode of "the big bang theory"...my favorite t.v. show as of late...there is something familiar in this show about nerds who relate with one another but not with most of the rest of the world...i was going to analyze the characters and why i like it so but instead i came across a post in my blog roll "just write" that sounded more interesting...it is supposed to link up on tuesdays so i'm going to make this post brief and put my energy into my post for tomorrow (in 10 minutes)...

my husband is a nerd who i adore, by the way. i was a nerd underneath my otherwise social exterior who had more mainstream friends than i related with growing up...oh my, i need to save some of these free associations for my next post...tune in tomorrow!

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