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Sunday, August 21, 2011

san diego book club #1

this past wednesday night i went to a wine bar for mom's night out time with friends, wine, conversation, time away from my children and for our first book club meeting...probably in that order. the book club part is a secondary agenda though i love to read and am excited about that part, too, if i can ever find the time to read. our book for this month is the paris wife by paula mclain. i believe it is a fictional story based loosely on letters and records between hemmingway and his first wife....a love story told from her point of view. i'm excited to read it.

we spent all day at the dog beach today. i'm too tired to upload photos...i spent an hour or so reading part of salinger's the catcher in the rye which i'm ashamed i've never read. i'll write another blog post when i finish it but the main character/narrator reminds me of my husband in many ways. he is a teenager but i could imagine my husband being similar at that age and still see some traits currently...i'm being vague...but it is nice to enjoy a classic book and also relate with it on a personal level...

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