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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

happy 8th anniversary!

i have so much to write about m and nothing at the same time...not sure if that makes sense...here is what i wrote tonight as my facebook status update:

"to my husband...on this day, you have been my friend for 21 years, best friend for 16 years, devoted husband for 8 years and unbelievable daddy to our children for 6...you have always been loyal, understanding, supportive, honest, loving, and have more integrity than anyone i know. i thank God for you and His promise that we can be together for eternity..."

factually all true...i just wish there was more i could say/do/write...i'm not sure what...i always feel like he has given me more than i can ever return...probably because our relationship began when i was in such a dark place and he was the light that pulled me out...i can't go into all these things right now but someday, i hope to share more about my husband, my soul mate, my best friend...

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