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Friday, August 12, 2011

eating rocket ship popcicles

i was much more interested in blogging this morning when i'd had just a little bit too much kona coffee with vanilla flavored coconut cream...i was buzzing around the house, proud of myself for getting so much accomplished so early...usually friday comes around and i'm left with too much i'm trying to cram in and no free time...but today i agreed to meet a friend at the children's museum downtown at 2 which meant i had to feed the children two meals, clean them up, clean the house and do laundry before i left. right now i have resorted to letting them watch "martha speaks", probably their favorite show on PBS kids while they eat homemade rocket ship popcicles like the ones shown here...of course i'm also trying to cook dinner...pasta with vegetables, olive oil, garlic, toasted pine nuts...fresh tomatoes and fresh basil out of our garden...i'm thinking about opening a bottle of red wine...kids are fighting over what to watch...dog is looking for things to chew...cat is trying to escape outside...i need to start making plans for going out of town for my cousin ally's wedding...mom and sis want us to come tonight but i think we aren't going until tomorrow...off to be productive and i'll check back in when i have more time (ha!) or at least more creative juices (caffeine)...

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  1. Wow, that coffee sounds amazing. I will pretty much put coconut flavor into anything I can, I LOVE coconut ANYTHING. MMmmm. Those popsicles look good too. Seems like a hectic but tasty day!


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