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Sunday, November 28, 2010

thank you amanda for mommy perspective

oh amanda you are amazing...yesterday i was in such a funk i couldn't come up with gratitude even when i knew i needed it most...somehow no longer how long it has been, you manage to visit my blog just when i need it the most...for those of you reading this who don't know amanda from "i am mommy" she is honestly one of my best "blogger friends"...i feel like we grew up together, share relatives, have play dates all the time...i feel understood by her and she has an unbelievable ability to maximize her time with 3 kids (one on the way!), baking, creating parties, active in her church and community...i don't have time to find links for each of these ideas but FOLLOW her blog...and even if you don't, today, i wanted to start the day with gratitude and thank amanda for her ever present and ongoing support...that is all i have time for but that is more than i've blogged about in awhile and i'm so grateful for this perspective.


  1. what a sweet post! between two of my favorite blogger friends!

  2. lol You need to give yourself a LOT more credit Denise... *I* am the fortunate one. You often inspire me to stop and just BE with my kids... to appreciate the smallest of moments... to savor the joy that life brings. Thanks for all you do!


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