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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

difficult mommy adjustments

sorry for this lame post just to meet my nablopomo criteria but i'm having an incredibly difficult day...to start with i'm exhausted from our 24 hours in n. cal (10 hour drive each way)...seasonal allergies; sinuses completely congested, runny nose, itchy eyes...horrible cramps; fetal position hot bath enduring dull pain that won't stop for most of the day...kids not adjusted to lack of sleep and travels...sea smeared peanut butter all over her brother who rolled around in her room to try and get it off...i feel like i'm depressed but in more of a physical way than an emotional one if that makes sense...like i just don't have the resources to do basic parenting (food, clothes, watching them) we are all so exhausted i'm literally going to bed with my husband and children right now at 7 p.m.!

and i have so many halloween photos i could have posted...hopefully i'll have the energy to do that tomorrow...

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