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Saturday, August 21, 2010

sea the princess singing

today i woke up early, went to sabbath school, went to a farmer's market to get produce for a bbq, attended a friend's birthday bbq bash and then attended another friend's end of summer party...i had a LOT of photos to blog about and only got these last 3 up before i had to go to bed...so we left the party with sea and story both taking over the karaoke machine and me deciding i must purchase one...


  1. Oh how precious. My daughter would love to jump in and join them I'm sure!

    I saw you comment on Gianna's blog recalling her 9th grade year. I am the founder of Mommy's Piggy Tales and just wanted to invite you to our 2nd session starting October 7. It's really been a lot of fun and is such a neat thing to pass on to your children.

    Here's a link if you are at all interested about learning more.


    Take care of those princesses:)

  2. lovin' the new blog look!! Are you sure you are up for Karaoke 24/7?? You are very brave :D

  3. Be sure and look for those machines on Craigs List or ebay first. Those are popular on those sites out here.

    Sea the Princess is lovely :)


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