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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The joy of random notes

i love this photo of manuel with sea, story, and their little baby cousin, meadow...there is so much simplicity and so much joy in so many little things here...i thought it was a great symbol for how i felt this morning when manuel e-mailed me this note:

"Sitting here.
getting ready for CT.
Listening to some music.
Looking at the pictures you took with the kids; the ones where see is holding her pink monkey and story has the brown bunny.
And the one, where you are in the middle with story in your lap and sea is draped over your shoulder
And you all look so beautiful and happy."

the little random things like him flossing...brought back times pre-children and even pre-dating when we would exchange random notes/e-mails/letters with one another about little things in our lives which were otherwise not noteworthy but still very US...i love my husband and wanted to include a short tribute to him and to us as i embark on a 13 day countdown until sea starts kindergarten...


  1. Hi Denise,
    I saw your comment on Gianna's blog and had to come over to say 'Hi'. Wish I could hang out with Amanda and Gianna, too. *grin*
    As to the joy of random notes - I fully agree with you!


  2. Beautiful, Denise. Warming and contended.

  3. I love that you can see your hubby's feet at the front of the picture!
    I would LOVE to hang out with you, too! And as would Amanda, I'm sure. She IS as cool as you think she is from her blog! She cracks me up all the time!


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