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Monday, August 2, 2010

community pool

on saturday we had high hopes of a sunny beach day but alas our "june gloom" has extended its foggy, gray, cloudy self through most of the summer...so after i taught sabbath school my husband started researching nearby pools. he came across this one...literally just over a mile on our same street...80% of the members have to live in the surrounding area. when we first moved in 1.5 years ago our realtor told us the wait to get in was several years long so we didn't really look into it. apparently 18 people have given up their membership recently and the director told manuel we could be next on the wait list. so we drove over to check it out. we had to drive back by the address we were given because the little trail down the hill to this pool is hidden (which we loved). so we showed up, took a tour and asked what we needed to do to get on the list. manuel, being the negotiating lawyer he is kept asking enough questions until he talked the director into squeezing us in instead of putting us on the waiting list.

we drove home, slathered on sunscreen and put on our suits, grabbed some snacks and drinks and were back in the pool moments later...we stayed for 4 hours and went there again all day yesterday. i think this pool membership is going to change our lives. we've already met so many people in our community (many of whom send their children to the same school sea will start kindergarten at in the fall) and we feel even more like this is our "home". not to mention how much we all love the water and sun...i told manuel i intend to walk to the pool every day. he intends to incorporate swimming into his workout routine instead of going to the gym after work many days...so we will see more of him and swim together.

tomorrow is our 7 year wedding anniversary so i am spending all day today and tomorrow going through stuff (organizing, throwing out things we don't use, completing projects, etc.) because that is the best gift my husband would want and will be great for our family as well.


  1. It's great when you find a gem right in your own backyard. Enjoy!!

    Kristin _ The Goat


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