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Monday, August 16, 2010

"how do you spell 'i'm sorry mommy?'"

today i was cooking quinoa in the kitchen and sea insisted on grabbing the bag even though she wasn't supposed to be in the kitchen and i told her not to grab the quinoa or it would spill everywhere...so of course i over-reacted when it did and she went in the other room quietly by herself...a meek voice soon asked "mommy, how do you spell 'i'm sorry mommy'" with her crayons and paper poised...yes, she split the "y" of sorry to the next line...then she drew me another picture and said "mommy i never want you to look like this and be that angry at me:"
so of course my angry heart melted quickly and we hugged and snuggled and forgave...it only took a few minutes for the next opportunity for grace...this last photo doesn't do the situation justice if you've ever tried to clean up spilled quinoa...basically sea and story decided to make it "snow" quinoa on one another and had their first food fight...
now we are off to make a story book out of typing paper 3 hole punched with yarn tied through...she is requesting her favorite "story out of heads" about a little kitty and a fairy and a little girl who got wings because she believed...i'm hoping she'll draw and i'll write her words...


  1. Touching Denise. Those kind of things are priceless! Reconciliation brings an intimacy that cannot otherwise be there. Especially with one so trusting as a daughter (or son).

  2. That is so beautiful, all of it. I too am melted. Have your vest day ever.


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