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Thursday, August 13, 2009

day 1 blog 2 woes of a spirited child

i swear i will have no lack of material if i opt to focus on the woes of raising a spirited child...in fact, i was thinking i should just try and have free time (i.e. write this blog) while letting the children entertain themselves...as an example, the following literally happened within a couple of minutes of signing back on:
(i'm cheating by posting an old photo of story covered in food...but this will help you visualize part of my list)

sea bit story. hard. broke skin with a little blood and left deep teeth marks.
sea poured story's lemonade on his head (sprinkling it out of his sippy cup).
sea smeared story's over-ripe apricot all over his face like the work he did himself in this photo.
story found frozen peas in the freezer (that he opened himself) and poured them all over the floor.

i'm glancing over while both children are happily eating peas off the floor (to which i am grateful) and while waiting patiently for more material sea instead sings a pleasant little made-up song like nothing ever happened...story is opening the freezer again so these two minutes are all i can post for now...

p.s. did i mention story's latest word is a dramatic "UH-oh..." to which he gets a lot of practice...

here he is waving goodbye:

"help mama, story is eating ice cream..."


  1. You are beyond blessed. :)


  2. Will try to get Kate to eat peas in this way too....


  3. amanda...your positive spin on this post is motivating another blog to follow after the wee ones are in bed...i have a lot to check out on your site, too...sea just poured more juice on story's head in the moment i took to type this so i'm off to get a better balance of blogging and living...

  4. freezer peas. love it. Your kids are simply adorable. Keep writing!


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